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A Walk to Remember
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In Memory Yet Green: Alex Smith
About the Walk

We are not funded by any corporation or government entity. Rather, we are a grassroots group of people led by spirit, connecting with others of all races and backgrounds to protect the future for the seven generations to come. Many of us took the summer off from work, got personal loans, or dipped deep into our savings to help support the Walk.

We were helped along the way in ways we had never expected. Many tribes and bands welcomed us into their area with feasts and dancing, some provided a few motel rooms (oh! the glory of a hot shower!) for an overnight or two, and many people simply came, to pray with us and walk with us for a day or a few days. We also met wonderful people who literally invited us home to be fed.

We discovered so many giving hearts and such a commonality of concerns, cutting across all races and cultures, for the future of our mother Earth and the waters. We remember so many people, including a wonderful Forest Service employee named Floyd who opened up a facility for us when we literally had no place to camp that night. Al Hunter, our leader, has a book signed by those who came to help. We may not be able to list all the names here, but know that each of you who helped are remembered in our hearts.

We also thank Keith Secola and his Wild Band of Indians for their generosity in putting on a rocking benefit concert in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Our thanks also to the Ontario Metis Aboriginal Association for the welcoming ceremonies at the Pavilion, for sponsoring the concert, and for the use of their offices. We also remember and thank, with a great deal of love, Willard Pine and the Ojibwe Healing Center, who refreshed us in body and soul.

We were blessed by the help from Elders, healers, and spiritual leaders who honored us with their priceless gifts.

To Mark & Maria at the Fireball Cafe in Sault St. Marie, thanks for the good times, for Mark's great magazine article, and most especially, from the webmistress, for the cool water and welcome for Miss Murphy Brown, my Welsh Corgi.

To all of you who prayed for us, all of you who welcomed us into your communities with feasts, dances, and singing, all of you who gave us your thoughts, prayers, friendship and encouragement: miigwech (thank you) from our hearts. You were all a part of the Walk.

keith secola

Keith Secola: visit his website and discover some great music that fuses together traditional songs, rock 'n roll..and much more!

For the children: here we are in Canada, near Sault Ste, Marie, Ontario. The children had a wonderful time walking for their future! All around Lake Superior, we found people who shared the same concerns about poisoned water, and the subsequent poisoning of future food supplies. Dean (white shirt) carries the eagle staff that led the Walk to Remember. Our walk leader, Al Hunter, was given the staff by Walt Bresette. Check out Amazon for Walleye Warriors by Walt and Rick Whaley

for the children

Would you like to help out in our ongoing work? It's easy to do! If you're shopping for books, DVDs, or other times, click this link to Any purchases made via this link gift us with a small percentage of your purchase. Miigwech!

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