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In Memory Yet Green: Alex Smith
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Kahnawake Reserve: November, 2000

Several of us were thrilled to be invited as honored guests to a historic joint meeting of three Mohawk longhouses on Kahnawake Reserve near Montreal, Canada.

The sharing of concerns, dreams, visions and goals, as well as touching the heart of the traditional Mohawk community renewed our vigor, and filled us with joy. We also were thrilled to visit Akwesasne Reserve in New York state and to share with friends there.

Our visit there was only a beginning to connections and growth that lie on down our path, for the Walk continues in the spirit world, as it does in this one.

Migration Project, 2001

Upcoming Events

We'll post updates on upcoming events as they are planned. As always, we thank those who keep us in their thoughts and prayers, and all those who do so much to support, and hence become a part of, the continuing Walk.